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Seagull Software Development

The web-development team of people you can trust.

Our team is focused on enterprise web-services development using Java/Kotlin + Spring, SQL and NoSQL databases, cloud solutions (AWS/Azure/GCP), JS and frameworks.

We're a small company, but you can expect from us something you can not expect from others - passion and commitment.

If you're with us, you're our number-one client.

Tommy Shelby You can change what you do, but you can't change what you want

Dream Team

Our team already consists of team-lead, BE/FE developers, and QA engineers.

We know each other and we really love to work together.


First Sprint is Free!

It is also possible to develop a small POC/MVP for free (depending on requirements).


Regular Demo

Regular client feedback really helps.

So we're ready to make regular demos to clients.


We're small, but growing   

About Us

We are the dev-team of encouraged people who know and trust each other. Previously we used to work in different software development companies, but decided to stop it and to establish our own out-source company. We simply enjoy working together, and we want to care about the result.

We do understand that clients may not trust new companies, so we can propose a solution - First sprint is free.

Actually, even free POC/MVP is possible, but that depends on the requirements.

We can develop a product from scratch according to provided requirements, or we can join an existing project.

Java, Kotlin, JS, SQL and NoSQL databases, SOA/microservices - these are the main technologies that we're focused on.

We always try to meet all the requirements and expectations. Even this site consists of back-end on Java+Spring, front-end and relational DB, REST API with openAPI documentation, and health checks. We know that we didn't have to do it, we know...

If you want to hire a web development team, you can consider other existing out-source companies. But we can propose to you our passion and commitment, you will be the number-one client for us, for big companies - probably not.

Our Team

We already have a team-lead, BE/FE developers, QA engineers in our team.

All of us do have impressive experience, that's why we joined our forces.

The head of the company is Aleksei Chaika, team lead and senior back-end developer. He is in charge of whole the team and processes, including tasks delegating and project delivery.

Meet our key developers listed below:

  • Aleksei Chaika

    Team-lead/senior back-end developer. Leading the team, delegating tasks, setting up processes, CI/CD, back-end development, delivery

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  • Andrei Chaika

    Co-CTO, front-end development
    Senior front-end developer. In charge of UI/UX application part, hiring new FE devs on demand

  • person Aleksandr Yakushenko

    Back-end development
    Senior back-end developer. Can also assist with front-end development

  • Taras Kobzar

    Back-end development
    Senior back-end developer focused on application performance/tuning

  • Maria Kobzar

    Quality Assurance
    Senior QA engineer, leads a QA group (manual testing of API and UI, test plans, regression testing, bug reports, test documentation)

  • group_add Other

    We have a 7 more people in our team, and know good developers, who could join us if we propose em :)

If you're a software engineer too and want to join us, you can also contact us using the form or linkedin.

We're small, but growing   

How It Works

If the product owner is happy, the team is also happy. So client decides what flow we should follow.

In order to start discussion and estimations, pls contact us using the form.

Pls try to describe the product description and requirements carefully, if it's possible. That could really help.

After that, we analyze the submitted form and contact you with further details.

Of course in order to achieve good results, we need communication during development. We prefer Google Meets, Zoom or Skype, but this is not necessary :)

A client can propose any workflow, we're agile. Just a couple of examples:

All Inclusive

We take care of everything.

Sprint planning, estimations, technical solutions, and everything else are organized inside the team, a client doesn't need to spend time on this.

Only high-level solutions, functional requirements and feedback are expected from a client.

Client Management

We still work using scrum and sprints, but a client controls the process.

Optionally, a product owner, a scrum-master, SA, BA, and even some developers could be client-side employees.

Our team develops and reports, client controls and manages.

A client can propose any other workflow. In some cases free POC/MVP is possible depending on the requirements.

Pls don't hesitate to contact us :) Probably we're the team that you're looking for...